My son/daughter wants to book your Limousine for there prom but does your company have a licence?
Yes my licence number with vosa is PH107436
Can I put more than 8 in the big limo if there’s a baby ?
Sorry no 8 only
Do I travel to anywhere in the uk?
Can we bring our own drinks? Soft drinks only if under age
I don't like strobes/flashlight in the back can I turn them off ?
If I book both limos do I get a discount?
Yes just ask
How far do I need to book in advance?
Asap the Limo has turned down 25 dates already this year.
Does the price include ribbons for Weddings?
If I book a return trip will my friends be dropped of at there houses for no extra charge? Yes if within 1 mile of each other.
Yes just tell the driver when booking so he can plan his route.
Can I bring my own cds? You can but theres an ipad to plug your phone in which has 6500 songs on it
Yes or use the ipad with 6500 songs already on or plug your phone into ipad
How can I pay?
You can pay the £50.00 deposit online at and then pay the balance when I pick you up up or call to pay over the phone by card
Do I have a music licence? Yes
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